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Stacy Palmer
Stacy Palmer

Stacy Palmer of Arlington, Texas is a man who likes his sleep. He has worn a CPAP machine for ten years, but over the course of those ten years, his machine became outdated and cumbersome.

He needed a new machine, but with that came the news of needing a new prescription. Stacy wanted a new machine but didn’t want to go a sleep study center or wear a bunch of wires. He did some research and stumbled upon At Home Sleep Study. It was $250.00 cash without dealing with insurance companies, and he could sleep in his own bed! He bought one and found that he received the same results as if he would have worn the wires. He was able to receive a new CPAP and has noticed amazing results in his sleep!

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At Home Sleep Studies offers just we say a sleep study at home with minimal inconvenience for you or your partner.

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